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home help

Senior Connect: Home Help for fall prevention and accessibility. Some limitations apply.


  • Seniors 65 years of age and older

  • Living in their own home

  • No other resources

  • Guaranteed Annual Income System Recipient 


  • Light housekeeping is not available. Seasonal deep cleaning is available 2-8 times per year per client.

How do I submit a Home Help Form?

1) You may fill out the form right here below and submit here online.

2) You may print the form and fill it out. Then, email to us online at

3) You may print in and mail it to us at:

Community Support Services

21 Belvedere Ave

Parry Sound, ON

P2A 2A2

Home Help Form

An in-home safety check list of possible services can include but is not limited to:

Please select Yes or No to the following tasks. Please leave your contact information and press submit.

Cleaning refridgerator/freezer (food safety)
Water delivery (heavy - safety)
Outdoor seasonal chores (clearin acccess pathways)
Safety check
Socialization/ Exercise
Lifting and storing (safe acess - reaching)
Garbage-transfer site-dump run
Removing clutter
Light bulb replacemet
A home safety repair requiring a handyperson (i.e. safety bars, ramps) - This service requies an Occupational Therapist referral required.
Kindness connection Special Needs-Items-Activity-Helping Hands- Friendly Visiting
Repositioning furniture (accessibility)
Light snow shoveling (safety - accessiblity)
Seasonal cleaning is a professional service that may be cost shared.
Meals - Hot or frozen
One on one service navigation
New Task Identifed - please add below in the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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