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Let us know what you need. We will shop for you.


Shopping Your Way assists those who, due to illness or fatigue, are weak and require assistance for daily activities such as dressing, walking, and living independently in their homes. 

   Shopping is also available to those caring for someone to help with the caregivers' daily routine.​


Who is eligible?

Individuals 65 yers of age and older who are not able to physically shop due to an illness or a disability.

    Shopping is unavailable if you live in supportive housing, independent living with support, long-term care, or a retirement setting.


New client application for Shopping Your Way below:

There is no charge for shopping.

Grocery shopping is as easy as:

1) Call our office 705-746-5602

2) We will ask you to complete an application. 

3) You must make a descriptive shopping list of your needs.

4) A volunteer will shop for you and deliver the groceries to you.

5) Our office will record the request, the purchase and invoice you.

6) You will be charged the full amount for the groceries purchased and for the grocery delivery.

We proudly provide services and meaningful connections that support community members' well-being and independence.

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