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Friendly Visiting is a program that matches volunteers with a senior with whom they will share time. Matches may choose activities or outings together based on personal availability and preference. The service helps seniors to keep in touch with each other and their community.


Friendly Visiting maintains connections, assists with access to services, and provides educational and social opportunities for the older person receiving the visit.

   For volunteers, Friendly Visiting offers the opportunity to cultivate lasting friendships, learn from a senior’s life experiences, and benefit from the personal satisfaction of volunteering.

Friendly Visitor Volunteer

People of all ages: youth, adults, seniors, elders and frail elderly. Everyone can benefit from volunteering. Volunteers also gain new friendships and the opportunity to develop new interests. With volunteer experience, volunteers increase their self-esteem as they see how they make a positive difference in others' lives.



Friendly Visiting activity has no cost. However, clients and volunteers are responsible for associated costs such as lunch or an event. 

Benefits for seniors having a friendly visitor:

  • Mental and physical stimulation, which can improve physical, cognitive and emotional health

  • New experiences and activities to look forward to

  • Eases loneliness 

  • Increases their socialization 

Benefits for Volunteers

  • Rewarding relationships

  • Purpose

  • Fun

"A friendly, helpful person can help light up dark days." (H.D)

We proudly provide services and meaningful connections that support community members' well-being and independence.

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