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Be a Santa to a Senior - 13th Annual 2024

“The Kindness Project” recognizes Older Adults ALL YEAR LONG

Sponsored by West Parry Sound District Community Support Services (CSS).


Being a Santa to an older person is more critical than ever. Due to rising costs, income that does not keep up and continued isolation and loneliness, many face hardship all year. Older people need you to focus on their wellness and happiness more than ever.  

Through the Kindness Project, you can help by:

  • Give the gift of your time.  Agree to spend an hour or two a month visiting with a CSS senior.  Play a game, walk or chat and enjoy a coffee together.

  • Make a financial donation online by sending an e-transfer to When doing the e-transfer, please use the message box to inform us that this is a donation and to which address we can send a charitable receipt.

  • Mail or drop off cash, cheque or gift cards to our office at your convenience Monday to Friday

  • Call our office if you need more details at 705-746-5602





How will it benefit older adults in the community?

Be a Santa to a Senior and our Kindness Project will respond to miscellaneous requests from seniors, including social connections for personal and meaningful activities and Home Help for fall prevention, accessibility and safety issues. 

  • Sharing a coffee or a meal

  • Personal care gifts, i.e. soap, shampoo, socks and gloves

  • Books and puzzles

  • Indoor and outdoor activity

  • Year Around Safety

  • Nutritional food and specialty treats

  • Tea, coffee or cookies

  • Entertainment – going to a show

  • Compassionate visits

  • Good cheer and socialization

We proudly provide services and meaningful connections that support community members' well-being and independence.

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