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Meals on Wheels provides food to older adults, individuals who have a disability or individuals with a chronic or acute illness who can't cook for themselves.


Hot or Frozen Meals Delivered to Your Home. ​Meals on Wheels is a volunteer community service that delivers nutritious meals to individuals in their homes.

   Meals on Wheels assists those who, usually due to illness or fatigue, are weak and require assistance for daily activities such as dressing, walking, living independently, and making meals to live independently in their homes.

   Meals are also available to those caring for someone to help with the caregivers' daily routine.

Delivery and Meals Cost

No charge for delivery. We have our amazing volunteers who will deliver you meals right to your door.

Cost: $6.00 - Frozen meals. You may choose what you would like to order from our menu

Cost:  $6.50 - Hot single entree delivered meat, vegetables, pasta, potato or rice

Entrée, soup OR dessert: $8.00

Entrée, soup and dessert: $9.00

More Than Just A Meal

​Meals on Wheels delivers meals along with a smile and safety check from our friendly volunteers. This service eases meal times and connects socially isolated individuals to a caring community.

"Food is ready to eat. Volunteers are friendly, pleasant and helpful. No mess, no waste." (Anonymous)

Meals on Wheels Meals on Wheels Client Application 

Please email application to or you may send it by mail to:

Community Support Services

21 Belvedere Ave

Parry Sound, ON

P2A 2A2

Meals on Wheels Volunteer

Volunteers are there to deliver your meal. They will also check in to ensure you are safe, secure and feeling well.   If the volunteer finds you in an emergency due to a fall or illness, they will follow up accordingly, and emergency assistance will be contacted. If you have another need other than meals, your volunteer may act as a link to community resources. The volunteer will report your need, concern or other request to our office, and we will contact you. Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated! 

New Partnership with Meals on Wheels Sudbury

  • We are looking forward to adding some more refreshed meal items to our menu. 

Interested in becoming a Meals on Wheels volunteer or in receiving meals?
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We proudly provide services and meaningful connections that support community members' well-being and independence.

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