Volunteer Transportation

Our Transportation Program volunteers provides rides to seniors (and adults with a disability or illness that hinders their ability to drive) in the Parry Sound District, keeping them socially connected and making it possible for them to maintain a higher level of independence.

About the Transportation Program

Since 1987, CSS has provided wheelchair accessible transportation services. CSS also coordinates a team of volunteer drivers who use personal vehicles for clients who don’t need a WC vehicle. CSS is committed to providing friendly, safe and secure, door to door or door-through-door service

Once a new client is registered, CSS can provide rides to medical appointments, social activities, and personal errands like groceries, during regular weekday office hours.  Transportation requests are for non-urgent, planned needs –10 days or more in advance. 

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Transportation Services for Seniors in Parry Sound

We are more than a ride – we connect you to your community.

We provide transportation services for West Parry Sound District seniors for:

  • Medical Appointments
  • Shopping and Assisted Shopping
  • Senior Groups/Clubs
  • Exercise Classes
  • Religious or Cultural events
  • Visits with Family and Friends
  • Neighbourhood and Community Events

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Transportation Program Volunteers
We're always pleased to accept new volunteers for our transportation program. Please visit our volunteers page to learn how to get started!

How To Volunteer

Transportation FAQs:

Read through the FAQs below for answers to our most commonly asked questions about Transportation services.

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I need a ride. Who do I contact?

Call us at 705-746-5602 or 1-800-883-0058.

Who is eligible for service?

  • You must be 18 years of age and older and have an acute or chronic illness or have physical disabilities or other special needs, or a senior citizen.
  • You must live in the West Parry Sound District.
  • Individuals who live in Long Term Care (LTC) or are hospitalized are required to arrange an escort to ride along with them

Is there a cost for service?

  • Yes, user fees apply.
  • Cost is determined by distance.
  • You are responsible for parking costs.
  • If you cannot afford the costs associated with the service inform our office and we will follow up accordingly.

How do I pay?

CSS office will invoice you at the end of the month.

Where can I go?

  • Medical appointments local and out of town – long distance, e.g., Sudbury, Toronto.
  • Local Social Activities – e.g., shopping, clubs, activities, hair dresser within West Parry Sound District.
  • All trips must be planned and approved by the CSS office.

What if I require physical assistance to enter and exit the vehicle?

• Gentle Support: Our volunteers will open doors and provide verbal guidance. • Physical Support: Our volunteers will provide minimal physical support for a client, assisting them with balance, climbing steps or a similar physical skill. Support may include delivering a client to an escort at the trip destination. The escort will then take over the task of personal support and assistance. Our volunteers do not provide personal support, assistance and/or personal care.

What is a transportation escort?

A transportation escort is an individual who you arrange for support with your physical, cognitive, social and/or care needs. An escort may be a spouse, family member, caregiver, or friend. Escorts are encouraged and travel at no extra cost.

What if I need assistance to interpret a physician’s explanation or directions?

You must arrange for a transportation escort. Our drivers and volunteers Do not go into appointments.

What if I need assistance to shop?

You must be 65 years of age and older. Please contact our office to arrange.

What if I need assistance to enter places for social engagements or activities?

Ask about our Friendly Visiting Program.

What if I have no one to act as an escort?

Please inform our office.

How long will a volunteer wait for me?

We all know medical appointments can be unpredictable; however, for an appointment with your family physician or a consultation with a specialist we usually plan about one hour.

For treatments, day surgery, and rehab therapies we will ask you to inquire with the physician’s office for the expected length of time the appointment will require.

For shopping trips, we plan no longer than 30 minutes per stop. You may plan up to three stops.

What is a Northern Travel Grant?

The Northern Health Travel Grant Program helps defray travel- and accommodation-related expenses of eligible Northern Ontario residents seeking certain medical services/treatment. Call: (705) 675-4010 or 1-800-461-4006 for information. Or, ask our office about the Northern Travel Grant.

Are there any other wheelchair accessible transportation services in the Town of Parry Sound?

Yes! Ivy’s Taxi provides wheelchair accessible transportation services. Please call (705) 773-8818

Do you provide transportation to Cancer treatments?

We refer caner treatment transportation requests to the Cancer Society. Please call 1-888-208-2125

Do I qualify for the service if I am not a senior? (I am between the age of 18 and 64 years of age.)

Yes, you MAY qualify if you have an acute, chronic illness and/or if you are an individual with a short-term or long term disability and needing assistance with rides.

If you are a recipient of Ontario Disability Support Program or any other pension plan or insurance program please advise the office as we will invoice third parties.

Achieve greater independence and a better quality of life for yourself or a loved one.