Meals on Wheels

The Meals on Wheels program is a voluntary community service for the Parry Sound District community members who are elderly or have a disability and are unable to prepare their own meals. 

What are Meals on Wheels?

Hot or Frozen Meals Delivered to Your Home

Meals on Wheels is a volunteer community service that delivers nutritious meals to individuals living in their own home. Meals on Wheels assists frail older adults who often feel weak and frequently require assistance for daily activities such as: dressing, walking, living independently and making meals to live independently in their own home.

More Than Just A Meal

Meals on Wheels are made especially for the person receiving the meal and are delivered to their door. Our friendly volunteers deliver the meals, share a smile and provide a safety and well-being check.

This service not only makes meal times easier, it connects socially isolated people to a community of caring people.

Who is Eligible?

Meals are delivered to residents living the community who:

  • are elderly and frail;
  • are convalescing from hospitalization (accident or illness);
  • have an illness either acute or chronic;
  • have a physical disability; and/or an intellectual disability; and/or a mental health illness; furthermore, the person may lack the skills, resources or equipment to prepare nutritious meals.
  • are 18 years of age and older and live in the West Parry Sound District (boundaries apply)

Contact Us To Sign Up

One of our clients said, "Food is ready to eat. Volunteers are friendly, pleasant and helpful. No mess no waste."

Meals on Wheels Hot and Frozen Menu and Prices

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Meals on Wheels Frozen Menu

Meals on Wheels Menu Information

Meals on Wheels FAQs

Read through the FAQs below for answers to our most frequently asked questions about the Meals on Wheels Program.

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What constitutes a "Meals on Wheels" meal?

Menus vary from day to day.  They follow the Canada Guide to Healthy Eating.  A hot nutritional meal will consist of a serving of meat, a vegetable, pasta/rice or potato, soup and a dessert.

You can personalize your menu choices by selecting from our hot and frozen meal menu.

Is there a charge for Meals on Wheels?

Yes. However, as Meals on Wheels is a not-for-profit service, the cost is kept to a minimum. You will be invoiced at the end of each month.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Cheque, e-transfer ( or money order may be sent through the mail;
  • Cash may be dropped off at the office.

Who can request Meals on Wheels?

Meals may be requested by individuals, family members, friends, professional caregivers and/ or any health care personnel.

How do I request Meals on Wheels?

To request Meals on Wheels service, please contact our office via phone or email. 705-746-5602

How frequently/when are the meals available?

The hot meal program is available Monday to Friday at 11:30am or at 3:00p.m. Frozen meals may be ordered at your convenience.

How frequently do I need to order meals? 

No, there is no minimum requirement? You decide how many meals you need and you plan when you would like to receive the meals.

Are meals available on holidays & weekends?

No meals are not available on statutory holidays or weekends.

Can I have both hot meals and frozen meals?

Yes! You may customize your meals on wheels plan to best meet your needs. Some clients use the frozen meals to supplement the hot program. Other individuals choose to purchase frozen meals only. Your Meals on Wheels plan will reflect your preferences.

What diets are available?

  • Diabetic
  • Gluten Free (limited)
  • Low Calorie
  • Low Fat
  • Low Sodium
  • Vegetarian (limited)
  • Vegan (limited)
  • Minced
  • Pureed
  • Thickened Soups

What should I consider before signing up?

  • Special diet
  • Diet type
  • Food preferences
  • Special delivery instructions
  • Food allergies
  • Delivery plan and frequency
  • Food restrictions
  • Have you had a fall in the past year?
  • Chewing, swallowing or choking

How do I order frozen food?

You call our office to place an order. You may wish to order weekly, a week in advance, or on an as-needed basis. 

Who delivers the meals?

Our screened and trained volunteers are individuals from your community. They not only deliver meals, they also have a moment for a friendly exchange and take the opportunity to check in on your well-being.

What if there is nobody home for the meal delivery?

To ensure the client’s safety and security, if a client does not answer their door, volunteers have been instructed to notify the Meals on Wheels office. The office will contact your designated emergency contact. If you are not home your meal will not be left.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel the same day without a charge as long as you call before 9:00 a.m.

Is it possible to make special delivery arrangements?

The Meals on Wheels office must receive special delivery instructions by 9:00 a.m. that day. We will not leave a meal without alternative arrangements to ensure the meal is properly covered and refrigerated.

How do I make an order for a special diet (puree, minced, low sodium etc)?

Please call our office to place a special diet order before Thursday at 9:00am to ensure our office can place your order in time. 

How is Meals on Wheels funded?

Meals on Wheels is funded by the Ministry of Health Long Term Care through our North East Integration Network. We are also a registered charitable organization and gratefully receive community donations.

Other Nutritional Services?

Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Volunteers are there to deliver your meal. They will also check in on you to ensure you are safe, secure and feeling well. If you are not feeling well let the volunteer know and they will contact the office and the office will contact your emergency contact. If the volunteer finds you in an emergency situation due to a fall or illness they will follow up accordingly and emergency assistance will be contacted.

Occasionally volunteers are asked to assist with a task. However that is not their purpose.

If you have another need other than meals, your volunteer may act as a link to community resources. The volunteer will report your need, concern or other request to our office and we will contact you and match you with a Friendly Visiting volunteer or other appropriate service.  As for assistance with other, it isn’t that a volunteer doesn’t want to help; they are in route delivering hot meals to others and need to be off to their next delivery.

Volunteer Safety

We are very concerned about volunteer safety.  Please advise the office of any concerns that would be an issue for the safety or well-being of the volunteer.

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers are always welcome to join our team! Please visit our volunteer page for more details.

How to Volunteer

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