Welcome to our Diner's Club

The Diner's Club is a social program developed by West Parry Sound District CSS. Seniors join us for a tasty dinner and the opportunity to socialize, relax and reunite. It's a great time!

Why Join The Diner's Club?

One of the primary pleasures of food is social; for many that means conversation, stories and laughter while eating with family and friends. This is a healthy tradition that Diner’s Club Program promotes.

Diner’s Club is available to West Parry Sound District seniors and other residents interested in enjoying a meal out with other people. The purpose of our Diner’s Club Program is to connect those who frequently dine alone to a group dining experience with old and new friends.

We serve, while you socialize, relax, reunite with friends and/or make new acquaintances. You also have an opportunity to participate with fun social activities and/or an opportunity to learn about current events and trends.

Who can attend?

CSS endeavors to ensure that frail elderly and/or those who are socially isolated attend. However, we believe in inclusive inter-generational community activities that promotes diversity and healthy aging communities.  As a result, the Diner’s Club becomes a united group of people, from seniors to youth, who watch out for each other. Membership is required.

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What about the food?

CSS partners with local organizations and restaurants who then prepare a nutritious dinner at a reasonable cost. A menu schedule is planned that offers a variety of healthy foods.

Diner's Club Volunteers

Volunteers are essential to the success of Diner’s Club. Our WPSCSS volunteers are needed to host, serve, set-up and clean up during and after each Diners' Club event.

Our volunteers also make confirmation calls, and serve as liaisons for planning and development. 

How To Volunteer

Program Particulars

Locations & Dates

Our Diner’s Club Program occurs twice per month: the second Monday of each month is held at the Belvedere Heights auditorium and the first Friday of each month it is held at the Swiss House in Ahmic Harbour.

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If you need a ride, volunteer transportation may be arranged through our office at no charge.

Confirmation Calls

When you join Diner’s Club, you will receive confirmation calls to confirm the date, time, menu and to register your attendance.


There is a minimum charge for the meal, and rides are arranged for free.

How do I sign up for the Diners' Club?

It's easy! Just give our office a call, and we'll set you up with a free membership.

Achieve greater independence and a better quality of life for yourself or a loved one.